What to know about COVID regulations...
(IMPORTANT! Please read thoroughly.)

Updated: 07.04.2021


So there are quite a number of policies in place established by the health ministry.  I will do my best to explain the details here and provide resources that can further explain and support you during this time.  Here is a link  to the current rules provided by the German health ministry.  (§ 12 (2) Handwerk, Dienstleistungsgewerbe, Heilberufe)


As we have been over the incident threshold for more than 7 consecutive days (see Number of Incidents Regulation below),   testing is REQUIRED.   At this time, tests ("Schnelltest" or "rapid test") must be made on the day of planned appointment.  Results should be provided by the client to the practitioner at or before entry, either in paper or electronic form (email/text).  As testing is required, this means masking is not required.  But please be sure to wear your mask in the building until you have entered the treatment space.

Where to find rapid test providers?   Here is a link  to local rapid test ("Schnelltest") centers and further information about scheduling an appointment, locations, etc.  Every Bonn resident is able to receive one FREE rapid test per week.  More information via the link.  If you're not in Bonn, check out your local city/town offerings.

What about self tests?  At this time, only rapid tests ("Schnelltest") are accepted.  When self-tests are acceptable according to regulations, I will provide further information on this when the time comes.


Number of Incidents Regulation
Massage and other wellness treatments will not be allowed if there are constantly more than 100 infections per 100.000 citizens over the last 7 days.  You can follow this via this link, observing the "Wocheninzidenz" number.  At the moment, we are good to go!  I will be observing this detail closely and inform when appointments need to be reschedule if numbers are to climb over this threshold and maintain for a 7-day period.

We stay hopeful that these measures will ensure cases to stay down as we re-open back to normalcy and have a healthy, safe space to reconnect again.  If you have any questions during this time,

please do not hesitate to reach out!

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Cancellation Policy


Please notify if there are any changes or cancellations at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment without penalty.  If change or cancellation occurs within 24 hours of appointment, fees may apply. 

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